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In India, Kashmir is the only region where walnut trees grows . Walnut is a soft wood, so craftsmen do fine carving on walnut wood Carving is the demonstration of the carver's skill, and walnut take it very well, being one of the strongest varieties of wood.

There are two types of walnut trees - one is the fruit bearing tree whose wood is well known, and the other which bears no fruits, is locally known as 'zangul'. Zangul is less strong & has none of the beauty of walnut .

Chinar leaves, vine leaves and flowers like lotus & roses are some of the popular designs, which can be either carved along borders or can fill entire surfaces. The artistry of the carving and its abundance dictates the cost. The ranges of furniture can be from simple bed side table to a dining table or a double bed

Wood-carving is one of the most popular cottage industries of the Kashmir valley.
The Kashmiri specialty of woodcarving is Khatam-band which has the geometrical patterns on the ceilings of rooms. wood carvings beautifully done on the cabinets, chairs, tables, jewelry boxes and ornamental caskets produced in Kashmir. Wood carving is also done on a large scale on the doors, walls and windows of traditional Kashmiri houses.