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Kashmiri silverware is one of the ancient arts in Kashmir ,The artwork known as ‘naqash’ determines the price of the object, as does the weight. For years its being used by Kashmiri peoples. The main production centers of silverware is Jammu and Srinagar. Ornamental picture-frames, are in great demand between the peoples of United States, European countries and Australia.

Craftsmen can often be seen in old city, engraving objects of household utility- bowls, frames ,plates ,samovars, flower vases, tea-sets, scent chests, toilet sets, ornamental picture-frames, cigarette-cases, tumblers and trays. Craftsmen of Kashmir maintained the traditional work and the quality of products. Floral, stylized, geometric, leaf , calligraphic motifs are engraved or embossed and the
leaves of the Chinar or lotus are the trendy patterns. Lilac flower designs is also very popular.

Kashmiri Silverware