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The craft is belived to be originated in Iran & been introduced in Kashmir by 15th century now Its become a popular handicraft item. Even though all the paper-Maches of Kashmir look similar at first glance but they must be different in prices. The price of Mache depends upon the type and the quality of the product. There are three different qualities of Papier-Mache.

To make a Papier Mache object, the paper is not usually pulped, merely soaked, pounded, then pasted, layer on layer, over a mould. When the object is completed, a thin layer of chalk mixed with glue is traditionally applied to the surface, The last step in the process is printing and varnishing of the Papier-Mache.

The designs painted on objects of Papier Mache are brightly colored. They vary in artistry and the choices of colors. Gold is used on most objects, either as the only color, or as the highlight for certain motifs, and besides the finish of the product, it is the quality of the pure gold used which determines the price.

Kashmiri Papier Mache