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Kashmiri carpets are a long time investments .It can be as cheaper as u pay for a handkerchief or it can be the most expensive purchase of your Kashmir trip . But one thing is sure if you didn't buy a carpet during your visit you are surely missing the art of Kashmir , for what it is world renowned.

Kashmir is not the origin of carpet weaving the art come from Persia. These carpets are famous for two things- they are hand made and they are always knotted, never tufted , the more knots per square inch, the greater its value and durability. Also there are single and double-knotted carpets. A single knotted carpet is fluffier and more resistant to touch than the double knotted. Knotting of the carpet & yarn is the most important features. The yarn used normally is silk, wool or silk and wool. Woolen carpets always have a cotton base.

The fascinating combinations of colors & artistry makes the Kashmiri carpet a prized possession.

Kashmiri Carpets