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Cashmere carpet is a popular handicraft product of Kashmir, India.The main feature of cashmere carpets is the fact that these cashmere carpet is made by hand from start to finish and these hand woven Cashmere carpet is far superior to the machine made carpet in terms of fineness, intricacies and the designs involved.

The fineness and delicacy of these cashmere carpets are measured by the knots per square inch they have. Carpets that have higher knots per square inch are considered to be the best and will also cost higher price.
The logic is simple. The knotage of the Cashmere carpet is so strong and high that makes it the most coveted object of the world. Fine knotting technique makes it possible to depict smallest of motif with precision. The latest addition in terms of knotage is 80 x 80 knots, in simpler terms 6400 knots to a sq inch of the carpet. Machine made carpets remains loose and there is no special system involved to make it stronger and tightly woven.

The materials used for cashmere carpet making are wool, silk, or a combination of the two. Thus a cashmere carpet may be made of pure wool in which case the highest quality is 22x22 (484) knots per square inch. Pure silk cashmere carpet may be made on a silk or cotton base. The finer threads used for silk carpets make a higher number of knots per square inch possible. Thus the maximum number of knots for a silk carpet could be 1,936 per square inch or 44x44 knots.

A relatively simple carpet of size 4 feet by 6feet would up to 3-4 months to complete. The motifs are generally either floral or animals and birds. Cashmere carpets have a worldwide appeal for their classic embroidery styles.These Cashmere Silk floor carpets are so beautiful that they are also being used as wall hangings for decorations for several years.

Cashmere Carpet