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The valley of Kashmir offers you two type of floor covering beside carpet, they are Namdas and Gabbas ,suits to everybody's budget. These colorful floor coverings made from woolen and cotton fibers.

Gabba rugs : Chain stiched rugs, Gabbas is made from old woolens on which different colored cut out forms are secured with chain stitch. The edges and the field are covered with large embroidery. these rugs are usually made of 65 % wool or silk yarn & 35 % of cotton yarn the base of the rug is hessian cloth in pastel colors 7 it is backed by by cotton cloth on the surface Kashmiri embroidery is done the motifs are traditional Kashmiri floral patterns .

Namdas : These are like small carpets but less expensive than carpets .They are made from cotton or wool fibers ,The fibers, which is manually pressed into shape , can be plain or decorated by applique work of Chain stitch embroidery. Prices vary with the percentage of wool a Namda containing 30 per cent wool being less expensive than the one containing 75 per cent wool. Namdas known for their bright colors & lovely designs


Kashmiri Namdas